Review: Glass Sword, by Victoria Aveyard


Wow. So I actually really did like Red Queen, the first book in this series. So I was excited to read the sequel, but unfortunately I was left sourly disappointed. The plot of the book dragged on for the entire novel and it was just so boring. I felt like none of the characters were developed any further, despite the fact we spent more time with Cal, Kilorn and Farley.

I was really sad about this book because it took me a while to force myself through it. I’ll be reading the third book King’s Cage to give it a chance, but I don’t think I’ll be in any rush to get/read it.

This is a pretty short review for this book but to be fair, I didn’t like any apsect of it to be honest.

1 out of 5 starsunfortunately.


Review: Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard


This, for me, was one of my most anticipated reads in my TBR pile, seen as I’d had it since 2015. I’d heard many great things about this book, so I was excited to read it.

The book tells the story of Mare, a 17 year old girl amidst a world divided into two groups: Reds and Silvers. The Silvers are the noble, upper class with powers and the Reds are simply peasants and looked down upon.

Mare is a Red but soon finds herself to have powers, just like Silvers. The Silver royal family take her in and disguise her as one of their own, claim that she is the long lost daughter of a high-ranking member of the court.

The beginning of the book was extremely gripping and engaging and I was hooked by page one. Aveyard created such wonderful characters in this book whom I easily fell in love with: Mare, of course, but also her sister Gisa and Maven and Evangeline.

This was a lovely read and I’m excited for the sequel (which is going to be my next read!)

4 out of 5 stars for this one! Highly recommend to fans of The Hunger Games  and The Selection​ series.