Review: If I Was Your Girl, by Meredith Russo


Author: Meredith Russo
Publisher: Usbourne
Release Date: 1st June 2016
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 304

‘Important and brave. Read this wonderful book, just read it.’ — Jennifer Niven, author of All the Bright Places

Amanda Hardy is the new girl at school.

Like everyone else, all she wants is to make friends and fit in. But Amanda is holding back. Even from Grant, the guy she’s falling in love with.

Amanda has a secret.

At her old school, she used to be called Andrew. And secrets always have a way of getting out.

A book about loving yourself and being loved for who you really are.

Do you ever hear about a book and what its about and get too excited? That was me with If I Was Your Girl and for some bizarre reason, it took me a long time to get my hands on a copy. And once I finally did, it wasn’t long before I dove straight in – and boy was I sure as hell disappointed.

I’m sorry, but what a boring book! I cannot commend it enough for tackling such an important topic – but there was just no plot whatsoever! It was just a boring romance between Grant and Amanda and let’s be real – the ending was obvious from the beginning. It’s such a cliché.

As well as that, there’s nothing that particularly breathtaking about Russo’s style of writing. It doesn’t give me a sense of the women that was writing it. Though I’m glad this book is out in the world for people to read and help them understand the trans community better – and also because trans representation in YA is little to none, I’m extremely disappointed by this novel.

Though it had its flaws, there was one thing that was amazing about this. The characters. From Bee to Amanda’s dad and Amanda herself. And I loved the flashback scenes. But for me, each of the character’s voices were their own. They were totally unique and I look for this in a group of characters.

Unfortunately, If I Was Your Girl just didn’t do it for me.
2.5 stars out of 5.