Review: Forever by Judy Blume



by Judy Blume

YA Contemporary, Romance

Katherine and Michael meet at a New Year’s Eve party. They’re attracted to each other, they grow to love each other. And once they’ve decided their love is forever, they make love.

It’s the beginning of an intense and exclusive relationship, with a future all planned. Until Katherine’s parents insist that she and Michael put their love to the test with a summer apart…

Forever is written for an older age group than Judy Blume’s other novels for children. It caused a storm of controversy when it was first published because of its explicit sexual content.

Forever is a short enough story, but that doesn’t lessen the pack it punches…

I’ve been wanting to read this ever since I attended Patrick Ness’s Release event, where he wouldn’t stop raving about it as an inspiration for him (along with Mrs. Dalloway, which is on my TBR!)

I’ve been in kind of a slump this month, probably since I have mock exams starting tomorrow for the next two weeks, but I picked this up because I was excited to read it and I’m glad I did because I flew through it. I’d recommend this as a starter for anyone who wants to get into YA, especially the romance genre, because the language and plot is easy to follow, though I’d make sure they’re of appropriate age due to the graphic scenes.

Now that I’ve said that, I’ll admit that though I did really like it, I was a bit disappointed and that’s perhaps because I had my expectations raised high for it. However, Katherine and Michael’s love story is going to be one I’ll cherish fondly. I liked how simple Blume made everything out to be and how she talks honestly and with no filter – not hiding what girls, and boys, have to go through and face daily. She didn’t shy away from sex and the topics that weren’t meant to be discussed and for that I can only admire her.

The humour was clever and fun, and even all the characters from Katherine to Erica to Artie all make the book what it is. Their hilarious personalities and character quirks made it more interesting – especially little Jamie. I wasn’t expecting it to end quite how it did. Obviously, the book’s blurb foreshadows heartbreak to come but I was surprised at how the heartbreak turned out.

Overall, I did enjoy this book but there wasn’t anything magnificent about it that blew me away. Just a harmless, fun, good book!