Review: Holding up the Universe, by Jennifer Niven

Hi there!
So I didn’t really understand the hype that surrounded All the Bright Places, because when I read it, it wasn’t that great. Too angsty.

Anyways, I decided to give Niven’s second book a chance and I think I much prefer it. I don’t love  it, because the plot feels so overused at this point. The popular, high school jock falls in love with the loser girl.


Anyways, I really like Libby, one of the main protagonists. Probably one of my favourite parts of this book.

There were some aspects that I didn’t like about this book. Niven talked about We Have Always Lived in the Castle  so much (which is one of my most anticipated reads for 2017) that at one point she spoiled it! I was so mad.

Also the way she described some things grossed me out. She said something like “Like I swallowed the sun and it  came shooting 

 out of every pore.”  Like , that’s just a disgusting image.

I’m going to give this book 3/5 stars.