Review: Oasis, by Eilís Barrett


To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this book. To put it brutally, I didn’t like it so much that I DNF’d it.

Unfortunately, I felt the characters were so flat and uninteresting and the plot seemed to be an amalgamation of The Hunger GamesThe 100  and The Maze Runner. Throw a little bit of Divergent  in there, too and, WABAM, you’ve got this book.

I’m all for teen writers, as I am one myself, and I definitely think they’re should be more published ones out there in the world. I think Barrett’s writing is up to par with any adult writer, it’s just unfortunate that the plot of this book was so overdone and boring.

I won’t be reading Catching Fire, cough, I mean Genesis, anytime soon.

1.5/5 stars, purely for Barrett’s enjoyable writing style.