#CirqueMystique: Introduction Post!

Hey everyone! I’m here today to talk about a super exciting project that I have planned in the near future with my fellow blogger, The Secret Diary of Chyron (@chyronreviews at Twitter)! As you all may know, I’m an aspiring author and Ciaran Howley is one of the members in my writing group. He is an extraordinarily talented writer who writes the most amazing, diverse characters with such depth and layers upon layers of brilliance. Remember his name because one day he’s going to be just as famous as the likes of Patrick Ness and John Green and even JK Rowling! It’s always an honour writing with him (we recently penned a YA contemporary novel together which we hope to maybe publish one day!) so I’m super excited to share this opportunity with him by writing a weekly soap-opera-esque novella online!

You’re probably wondering what the Cirque Mystique is, hmm? Basically, Ciaran and I are writing a murder mystery YA novella that’s going to be updated each week on our blogs. It’s told from the POV of two characters – Elle Winterthorn, who’s an aspiring investigative journalist stuck in a job of being the local paper’s agony aunt, and Milton Zhang, who dreams of being one of the animal trainers at the circus he works at but has ended up being their personal gofer. We decided that Halloween was too far away to wait so we’re going to start on the 23rd of September!

What’s going to happen is that each weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Ciaran and I will take it in turns to update. So for example, on Saturday the 23rd I will upload Chapter 1, and the following day Ciaran will upload Chapter 2. Then the next Saturday comes Chapter 3, and the day after comes Chapter 4 and so on… It’s going to run for a good few months. We don’t have a set amount of weeks just yet as we’re only in the early stages of production but I don’t doubt it will bring us into the new year!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’re enjoying writing it! So without further ado, here is the synopsis for the Cirque Mystique Murders:




When aspiring journalist Elle Winterthorn and her friends find an open invitation for a mysterious new circus on an apparently haunted private island – they find it too hard to resist.

Elle is immediately intrigued the moment they set foot on the island and finds herself in the company of a Milton Zhang – one of the circus’s stage technicians but secretly an animal trainer wannabe.

Soon things take a turn for the worst and Elle gets separated from her friends and stranded on the island. While a brutal murder takes place amidst the dark secrecy that lurks in the deep underbelly of Cirque Mystique, chaos ensues.

Determined to uncover a juicy story to elevate herself as an investigative journalist, Elle dives headfirst into the glory and gore with the help of Milton, who desperately wants to unravel the identity of his friend’s executioner.

But as the pair grow closer as the mystery unfolds – they both begin to wonder whether either of them can be trusted and decide that everything is not as it seems at the extravagant and alluding Cirque Mystique.

Keep your calendars marked for the 23rd of September because there’s a storm coming! As well as this exciting story, we also decided we’re going to run a small competition alongside it… it’s going to be a circus-themed book GIVEAWAY (Showstopper? Caraval? The sequel?) and the winner will be chosen RANDOMLY out of the entries who guess correctly on the identity of the killer. We will reveal details soon but trust us when we say you do not want to miss Cirque Mystique when it arrives on your screens…

See you all soon!