Review: Moriarty, by Anthony Horowitz


To start off with, I wasn’t that excited to read this book. It’s been in my TBR since I got it for Christmas 2015, so I decided I ought to give it some time to shine. I’d heard some good things off my friend about it, so it wasn’t like I was completely  forcing myself through it.

But at times, that’s what it felt like. It did sag a bit in the middle and the opening lacked it’s interest and intrigue that it needs to keep the reader hooked. I felt, unfortunately, that the book dragged for a bit and lacked interesting characters.

However, after my complete and utter roast of this novel, there were many aspects I loved. I loved the references to Sherlock Holmes  stories, the mystery and codes that the narrator and his partner had to solve and above all, the plot twist at the end! I did not expect that at all!

Overall, I’m going to give it 3 stars out of 5. I think that the shock twist at the ending made up for the majority of the boring bits.