YA Event with Alwyn Hamilton, Marie Lu and the hilarious Ally Carter!

  • PictureFrom left to right: Marie Lu, Alwyn Hamilton and Ally Carter!
  • Well, heyyyy! 
    ​Today, Eason in Dublin hosted an amazing YA event with three amazing authors: Marie Lu, Ally Carter and Alwyn Hamilton.And I’ve been thinking of uploading blogs on this site aswell as reviews for a while, so this stirred something in me to start.

    I came to this event with my good friend Megan and another friend Sarah, who I both met back in October at Eason’s DeptCon 2.

    I went into this event blind regarding Ally Carter. Unfortunately I hadn’t even heard of her before she was announced to come so I didn’t have time to get any of her books. I’m glad she was there, though, because she is bloody hilarious and so lovely that I want to go buy all her books right now.

    When asked about her female badass heroines, she said something like “I always think Molly Weasley is just as powerful as someone like Katniss Everdeen. Like she’s feeding a family of nine on a goverment budget. You go, girl!

    Like she just came out with these witty lines that made the audience laugh a good few times. I’ll definitely be splashing out on her books soon 🙂

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     The calm before the storm…
    So I’m very disappointed that I went into this event without having read anything of Lu’s either. She was a delightful author to listen to tonight and she had some great advice on how to get over writer’s block, such as an old metaphor she’d found on the internet somewhere.“Writing your first draft is like shovelling sand into a sandbox. Revising and editing is like building the sandcastle, because you can’t build it without the sand, and hence you can’t revise the novel without a first draft.”

    As an aspiring writer myself, this advice was really reassuring to hear and will be great for me to take on board because, in the words of Ally Carter, I need to stop comparing my first drafts to finished drafts.

    At one point in the event, Marie joked “One of my titles for Legend at one point was Daylight and that was crap. It was like a Twilight….but in the day.”

    Now, not gonna lie, this was the reason I went to the event. When I found out Alwyn was coming to Ireland, I totally freaked. I was like,  I need to be there. Of course I did because Rebel and Traitor are two of my favourite YA novels because they’re so diverse and unique… and they hold Amani on their pages, a female badass epic gunslinger who has turned into one of my favourite characters of all time!!!

    Alwyn had incredible chemistry with the other two authors and at one point she ended up talking about druglords and cartels when asked about a potential movie/tv show adaptation. Then rather ominously announced that “In Alaska, no one can hear you scream.”

    She was really lovely when I went up to her at the signing too, telling me a story about how she accidentally signed the name of a book to a person instead of their name. A true conversationalist, hehe.

    Eason ended the event with giving the guests a goody bag at each…and the contents?
    * A copy of The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School
    An ARC of Optimists Die First by Susin Nielson, one that is on my most anticipated reads for 2017.
    *And most importantly, a freaking sampler for Lord of Shadows not coming out till May. I already devoured it earlier and loved it.

    Until next time, which will probably be my review of Unconventional (probably tomorrow)! Peace and love x