Drag Race UK 2 Book Tag! (Original)

Hello everyone!

So I had so much fun doing my Derry Girls book tag the other day that I started to think about how fun a Drag Race themed book tag would be, since it is basically my religion at this stage! As I’m sure a lot of you can relate, I have been absolutely loving the second season of Drag Race UK and in anticipation of the Grand Finale on Thursday (I love them all, but #TeamBimini of course), I thought it would be fun to make my own book tag to combine my love of books and of this incredible cast. So read ahead at your own caution, there will be some minor spoilers along the way!

I can’t really think of anyone specifically who blogs and loves Drag Race, so I tag anyone who wants to take part!

Asttina Mandella — A Book Set in London

Asttina is a fierce dancing queen of London, so I figured I’d kick things off with a book set in London. For me, this was an easy answer. Patrice Lawrence is an author who does a magnificent job of making London such a vivid, essential character in all of her books, so I’m going to go with EIGHT PIECES OF SILVA.

A’Whora — A Redemptive Character

A’Whora is one of my favourite queens from this season, and I feel like she definitely had a redemptive journey from the beginning to where she ended (still not recovered)—so choose a book that has a redemptive character. For me, I’m going to choose Evelyn from THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by Taylor Jenkins Reid. She definitely started the book off as this cold, enigmatic character but towards the end when we learn more about her, we fall completely in love.

Bimini Bon Boulash — A Book That Started Rocky

We all know how iconic and insanely talented Bimini is, but she definitely started the series off a little rocky when she ended up lipsyncing. So choose a book that started rocky, or one that took you a while to warm to. For me, I’m going to choose THE ACCIDENT SEASON by Moïra Fowley-Doyle. Although I ended up loving this, much like all of Fowley-Doyle’s books, it did take me a while to get into.

Cherry Valentine — A Book with a Red Cover

This iconic queen turned out some amazing looks, and I love her whole red aesthetic. So choose a book with a red cover! My pick is the amazing NORMAL PEOPLE by Sally Rooney, which if you haven’t read it already I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Ellie Diamond — A Book Published in 2021

This was a hard one for me to come up with. But since Ellie was only 21 at the time of competing, choose a book that was/will be published in 2021. I’m going to go with one of my most anticipated reads coming out in May, which is HEARTSTOPPER: VOLUME 4 by Alice Oseman.

Ginny Lemon — A Book with a Shocking Plot Twist

I mean, I don’t think ANY of us were really ready for Ginny’s chaotic exit from the show, so naturally choose a book that has a shocking plot twist. My honorary mention here goes to any Samantha Shannon book ever, but a book that really shocked me in more than one way was THE DEATH OF VIVEK OJI by Akwaeke Emezi – I seriously did not see those plot twists coming!

Joe Black – A Misunderstood Character

Joe Black is such an amazing queen, but I think their drag on the show was seriously under appreciated by the judges and misunderstood. So, for Joe Black you should choose a book that had a misunderstood character. My pick for this is SAVAGE HER REPLY by Deirdre Sullivan, whose main character Aife is completely misunderstood by her legacy and Sullivan does a great job of giving a voice to an often voiceless character in Irish history.

Lawrence Chaney — A Book That Makes You Laugh

Come on, this is an obvious one. Lawrence Chaney is a hilarious queen, so for this one I’m going to choose BOY QUEEN by George Lester, which is a laugh-out-loud contemporary YA that made my stomach hurt.

Sister Sister — A Book About Siblings

Right on the nose with this one. A book that immediately jumps to mind about the importance of siblings is THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson, one of my all time favourite books that deals with sisterhood and grief so incredibly well.

Tayce — A Resilient Character

Tayce survived 4 lipsyncs and murdered everyone she was with on the stage, so it’s only obvious for this to choose a book with a resilient character. For me, I’m going to choose Simone from FULL DISCLOSURE by Camryn Garrett, who is one of my favourite YA characters who lives her life with HIV and doesn’t let it define her.

Tia Kofi — A Character You Rooted For

I love Tia Kofi so much and wish she could be on my TV screen every Thursday. So for this, choose a character that you really rooted for. My choice for this is Queenie from Candice Carty-Williams’s QUEENIE. She was such an honest, relatable character that I was really rooting for the whole way through.

Veronica Green — A Book That Disappointed You

And finally, choose a book that disappointed you. I don’t mean that Veronica disappointed me, because she was actually one of my favourites to win, but the way she had to leave the show literally devastated me, and it’s yet another thing I resent COVID for. So for my final choice, I’m choosing THE LIE TREE by Frances Hardinge. I loved Deeplight so much, and reading this I went into it with such high expectations, and unfortunately it just did not deliver.


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