December TBR!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 1 of #Blogmas!!! I’m so excited for it this year, and I hope this will be much better than last year’s (disastrous) attempt! I plan to have a festive/bookish post up every day until the 25th, and today I’m kicking it off with my December TBR and the final few books I’m planning to read in 2020!

I currently have 127 books read, and I’m aiming for 140 by the end of the year so the aim is to read 13 more! thankfully college is over soon so I’ll have more time this month to read, lol! Also, most of the books on this TBR are a part of the Clear Ur Shit readathon (see original TBR here!)

So without further ado, these are the books I intend to read in December!

And there you have it, the last 13 books I’m hoping I can read this year! Some of them are more definite than others, but to be honest once I set my TBR I usually stick to it! I also have a sneaky amazing ARC that I might be getting buuuut I don’t wanna jinx it yet 😉

Anyways, let me know what you plan to read this month in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “December TBR!

  1. Hi Ross! I don’t have a monthly TBR but there are three on my wishlist this month: Terry Pratchetts Hogfather, Merry Midwinter and a Dutch winter thriller. I will see what others will join these when they do, I usually read about 8 each month so there is some room left!

    Anyone reading over a 100 books a year makes me go in awe. Or sad that I have a dayjob. 😉 Enjoy your reads!

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  2. Happy blogmas babe! I’m also very nervous I wont manage to do all of them, even though I’m only doing 12 😭😂. And I loved A Sky Painted Gold/First Day of my Life so cant wait to hear your thoughts on them xx

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